About Robert

Robert was born on December 17, 1951 in Oak Grove, Louisiana. Oak Grove is the parish seat of West Carroll Parish and is located up in the northeastern corner or Louisiana. He graduated from Oak Grove High School in 1970; later attending University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM; formerly NLU) where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in 1976 and a Master of Science Degree in 1979.

In 1976 while still a student at ULM; Robert began his career in Wildlife and Fisheries management at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, District 2 Office in Monroe. In 1981 he accepted a Fisheries Biologist position with the Department headquartered out of Ferriday, whereby in 1986 he was transferred to Toledo Bend to serve as the head departmental fisheries biologist for the reservoir.

In 1990, Robert took a break from state service to take on a wildcat venture with a private business to create and run a freshwater striped bass hatchery in Lecompte, La. The venture lasted about two years and he returned to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to eventually serve as a Program Manager over the Department’s Hatchery System at the Booker Fowler Fish Hatchery located in Forest Hill, La. During his work building the fish hatchery in Lecompte, he met Karen Payne who later in 1993 became his wife and partner for life. Together they currently have four children and three grandchildren.

In 1998, the Gough Family moved to Hineston, La. It was shortly afterward that the family became actively involved with Hineston Tabernacle, a non-denominational full gospel church. Although Robert had been baptized in his early teens at the Oak Grove Baptist Church in Oak Grove; he was moved at Hineston Tabernacle to rededicate his life in 2003 to serve Jesus Christ as his savior. He continues todate to be an active member as well as a board member in this loving and giving Christian church.

At age 61, Robert has lived his entire life in Louisiana and half of this life he has worked for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. He has retired now after 34 years of service and left these parting words in an e-mail that he sent out to all employees of the Department on his last day, Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

By the time most of you receive this e-mail, I will be done of my last day of work on this leg of my career. I have spent over half of my life as a faithful member of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. I am very grateful for this and would like to give special thanks to: First and foremost, my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ , who has blessed me with this particular path of life; for stretching his grace and mercy over me during those trying times and protecting me during those unsafe times. Thank You, JESUS. My Loving Wife and Family. For the support that my wife has provided me so that I could do my job and pursue a career. She never objected or got upset when I told her, “I need to go, or I need to stay over”. She always helped me prepare, and be there to wear my shoes in the family when I was away. I want to say thank you to my children that put up with me when I came home, “brain dead from office short circuiting or stress”, and to say I’m sorry for all those times I didn’t make that ball game or rodeo. I LOVE YOU KAREN, CHAD, KEVIN, KAYDEN, AND KLOEE. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for being my family, home, and security especially during my early career years; for providing me a living that has allowed me and my wife to grow a family and sustain a pleasurable standard of living. WE ARE ALL SO BLESSED. And last but not least, ALL of you that make up the fluid motion that puts life into the Department. I lay my hat, cloak, and dagger down before you. I will be touched with memories and experiences that will carry me until I no longer need them. I REMAIN FOREVER A FRIEND, CO-WORKER, AND A MEMBER OF THE LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE AND FISHERIES. ROBERT C. GOUGH


Robert with Holly